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Meridian Youth Psychiatric Center is an out-patient private practice group with Psychiatrists, Psychologists and Masters prepared therapists. Our physicians and therapists have many years of experience working with children and adolescents in a wide variety of counseling and mental health settings.

At Meridian Youth, it is our belief that we all do the best we can considering knowledge base, coping skills, resources, physical functioning and abilities. As a team, including the child or teen, the parents, and the clinicians, we design a treatment plan together to work toward the goals identified during assessment. We identify and utilize existing strengths within the family and individual to help move forward toward emotional health and stability. We work toward success within the family, school, social relationships and daily activities.

The clinicians at Meridian Youth believe that helping children, teens and their families now will help them to make more positive choices and to be more successful in the future and as adults.

Some of the Services provided

  • Psychiatric Assessment, Diagnosis and Psychiatric Medication Management
  • Counseling (Individual and Family counseling)
  • EMDR for children and teens

Providers of pediatric behavioral health services at Meridian Youth:
Jerry Fletcher, M.D.
Danita Lively, M.D.
Matthew Galvin, M.D.
Mimi Brittingham, APRN-BC, LMHC
Julie Martin, LMHC
Danny Waddle, LMHC