Scheduling an Appointment

Referrals to Meridian Youth Psychiatric Center can be made by anyone.

When you call 317-844-0055 for an appointment, we will get some basic information from you such as address, phone number, social security numbers, insurance information and a brief sentence or two as to why you are scheduling an appointment.

Since not all children need to be seen for medications, we often find it helpful to schedule with a therapist for the first appointment in order to gather pertinent information. If diagnostic issues or medication are indicated, the information gathered by the therapist will help the psychiatrist with diagnosis and efficient evaluation of the child.


If your insurance requires a referral from your primary care physician or EAP, you will be responsible to get that. The clinicians at Meridian Youth are in-network with some insurance companies and out-of-network with others. The current list can be obtained by calling us. For your convenience, we will submit the bill to all insurances, but for some of those we are out-of-network, you will be required to pay for services upfront and get reimbursed by your insurance company.

Before the appointment, we will validate the insurance coverage and your co-pay. However, we encourage you to check with your insurance company to verify your mental health benefits and required co-payments.


To help keep our costs down, we ask that you bring your co-pay or designated amount at the time of service. We accept MasterCard, Visa, debit cards and checks.

Please feel free to call Meridian Youth Psychiatric Center at 317-844-0055 with questions or concerns.